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Our energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly building system that is 100 % recyclable and one of the most versatile, energy efficient building products in the world today. Because our products are 100 % recyclable, we’re reducing the need to harvest lumber for building. Our walls and roof systems are 10 times stronger than traditional wood framing and twice as strong as SIPs.

Building an average wood-frame home generates approximately 50 cubic feet of landfill waste. Our products generate a fraction of that waste at an average of 1.5 cubic feet. The construction of a traditional 2500 sq. foot home consumes an average of 40 trees, whereas our methods will build the same home from 4 recycled automobiles.

WPS structurally insulated panels are high-performance building panels used in floors, walls, and roofs for residential and light commercial buildings. The WPS panels, made of highly dense EPS and structural steel studs, are manufactured under precision factory conditions for modular adaptation to on-site building and structural requirements. Because this application flexibility significantly reduces manufacturing labor costs, WPS panels provide structural solutions that are extremely strong, energy efficient, and cost effective. Fundamentally, building with WPS will save you time, money, and labor.





  • Accelerated Build-Ups

    With our high-tech building system, it’s all about speed. Ready-to-assemble building components arrive on schedule and can be constructed 40-60 percent faster than traditional wood framing methods–saving you time and money.

  • Simple to Use

    Interior and exterior building components are manufactured with the aid of cutting-edge technology and controlled factory conditions, including wall systems, roof systems and floor systems. All components are loaded and shipped directly to the job site. The Wallpanel™ System are made from structural light-gauge steel framing, and foam insulation is easily set in place with minimum man power and labor time.

  • Higher Quality at Lower Costs

    With improved quality and quicker on-site construction time often comes greater material costs. Not in our case. Our high-tech building system is very competitive with traditional construction methods, in most cases beating the competition hands down. When you consider the cost reduction in terms of construction time, reduced chance of theft, fewer weather delays, less on-site waste, improved energy efficiency, and less skilled labor, the bottom-line savings and overall costs are immense.

  • Accuracy

    The pre-engineered panel system is made in a controlled environment. Meticulous quality control measures eliminate waste while satisfying all code requirements and manufacturer specifications. Unlike traditional construction methods that allow up to 1 ½-inch on-site dimensional variance, we utilize a system that delivers top-grade precision on both commercial and residential projects.

  • Stability

    The strength and zero fire spread protection of the high-tech building system offers significant advantages over traditional stick-frame, wood SIPs and basic steel framing. The galvanized steel is placed in the foam via our patented cut-in process. This provides a very strong wall assembly, greatly reducing potential bending and twisting of the stud while providing additional strength.

  • Energy Efficiency

    The insulated wall system provides a better overall air tightness and thermal control. It significantly reduces conductivity through the wall’s design and thermal break. This prevents extreme temperature loss or gain and greatly increases the sound transmission class rating of the wall assembly.