Stick built vs WallPanel™System homes :

Wood: It takes approximately 40 trees to build a standard 2500 sqft home.  900 million trees are cut down each year.

WallPanel™ System: It takes 4 recycled cars to build a 2500 sqft home.

Wood: Homes built with wood need much more power generated for heating and cooling spaces resulting in high volume of CO2 emissions and expensive utility bills.

WallPanel™ System: Energy bills can be decreased by up to 50% by using our system.

Wood: Building an average wood-frame home generates approximately 50 cubic feet of landfill waste.

WallPanel™ System: Our products generate a fraction of that waste at an average of 1.5 cubic feet.



Wood: Insulation used with wood construction creates food sources for rodents and insects that can eat away at your home.

WallPanel™ System: There is no food source for insects or rodents.

Wood: Once water penetration has begun it can create major structural damage as well as harmful mold and mildew, resulting in sickness and major repairs.

 WallPanel™ System: Is highly resistant to water damage and mold and mildew.

Wood: Using fiberglass is the standard with wood construction homes, this form of insulation leaves open cavities between the studs rendering the structure less effective from insulating against hot/cold temperatures.  Fiberglass is also less effective with 30% humidity cause it it to collect moisture and a sagging effect going from an R-19 to an R-9 making summers and winters very expensive.

WallPanel™ System: Our insulation gains R-value throughout time.


Wood: Is an imperfect material that swells, expands, and warps leaving it suceptible to disasters.

WallPanel™ System: There is no warping, twisting, bending, to our system and it is extremely flexible allowing for a safer structure.

Wood: Has an autoignition point of 572ºF. Once wood has reached this temperature, it releases hydrocarbons.  This reaction with oxygen in the air will ignite the wood and spread rapidly and unpredictably, potentially resulting in devastating loss.

WallPanel™ System: Our system has a zero fire spread allowing for a fire to phase itself out instead of spreading.