Never Worry About Termites AgainThere’s something to be said for a well-kept, well loved, historical home. These are a part of a city or town’s culture and history and should be treasured. But both old homes and many modern homes are prey to a hazard that most people never even stop to think about. And subsequently few people have an adequate defense against them. That hazard is termites.

An Expensive Problem

Termites cost, on average, about $5 billion in damage to homes and commercial buildings in America every single year. At an individual level, a homeowner that finds out there is a termite infestation may spend an average of about $3000 to repair the damage. But how and why does this happen?

Termites, in nature, feed on cellulose, the basic building block of all plant matter, including leaves and wood. In a natural setting, termites clear out forest floors, eliminating dead leaves, and breaking down fallen trees, logs, and other dead plant matter, so that the forest can continue to grow and expand. This is actually a very positive role of decay and growth, with termites inhabiting a critical position in this cycle.

But because many human structures are made of wood, termites actually “move in” and, because wood acts as a shelter, a source of food, and even a source of hydration, termites never have to leave the wood once they enter it, meaning people will never see them streaming around the house the way that ants or other insects would give their presence away as they search for food. This means that termites can inhabit a home for months, or even years, eating away at various wooden structures and causing untold amounts of damage.

But that’s not a problem for sustainable builders that use our WallPanel™ system.

No Opportunity To Start

The Terraform WallPanel™ system isn’t made of wood. It’s made of EPS, originally an insulating material that we have combined with other materials—like steel—into a new form of energy efficient wall construction. Because there is no cellulose in the WallPanel™ system, there is no chance that a termite would be attracted to the walls. In any newer home built with the WallPanel™ system and other modern construction materials. The absence of wood, guarantees that one of the most expensive and difficult to eradicate home hazards never has a chance to take root in your building.

So you’re not just saving on heating bills, you’ve got the peace of mind of knowing that where others fear termite infestations and costly repairs, you never do.