08Feb 2016
Never Worry About Termites Again

There’s something to be said for a well-kept, well loved, historical home. These are a part of a city or town’s culture and history and should be treasured. But both old homes and many modern homes are prey to a hazard that most people never even stop to think about. And subsequently few people have […]

01Feb 2016
Green Homes Are The Right Thing To Do

Most of the time when people talk about energy efficiency and sustainable building, they are talking about the environment, and how to help it. This discussion about environmentalism comes up so often that it’s very easy to forget exactly what the motivation is for all this, and it’s easy to write off environmentalism as a […]

25Jan 2016
What Can Energy Efficiency Do For You?

Terms like “sustainable building” and “energy efficient walls” are thrown about a lot in today’s modern home landscape. But these words—although they may sometimes feel like it—are more than just fashionable architectural techniques that people use to keep up with a trendy style in building. Energy efficiency isn’t that complicated or mysterious a term, the […]

18Jan 2016
WallPanels™ Make A Big Difference

For many people the idea of a perfect home or commercial building project is one that is built from the ground up, customized specifically for their needs. To a large extent that’s true. You do want a home or building that is designed around what you, your family or your business would benefit from most. […]

04Jan 2016
Top Benefits Of Green Building

It’s no secret that the country has been going through a kind of green revolution lately, with more people than ever before paying attention to things like green energy, eating locally, and protecting the environment. Of course, we still need homes and it’s important that when you start considering building or renovating your home that […]