WallPanels™ Make A Big DifferenceFor many people the idea of a perfect home or commercial building project is one that is built from the ground up, customized specifically for their needs. To a large extent that’s true. You do want a home or building that is designed around what you, your family or your business would benefit from most. This is the most efficient, productive and happy way to have a building you live and/or work in.

But that doesn’t mean that everything about the building must be custom work. While it’s true that many designed homes will have specific measurements and other dimensions built to individual specifications, that doesn’t mean that they have unique water pipes, or furnaces, or central air ventilation built with new materials and construction process just for that home. These are standard elements of a home that benefit from tried-and-true building methods, and work best with the rest of a home’s infrastructure when they follow the same commercial or industrial standards those other parts of a home do.

So why can’t it be the same with the walls?

The Terraform Structures WallPanel™ system is our answer to this question. It is an energy efficient, insulated wall system designed for both residential and commercial projects. It also manages to bring the best of two different worlds together, addressing the needs for quick, cost effective construction with the energy efficiency that sustainable builders are looking for in a new generation of structures that don’t put an unnecessary strain on resources or the environment during or after project completion.

Efficiency From The Start

The WallPanel™ system is the latest advance in construction for better, more environmentally conscious building. It is our unique combination of specially built expanded polystyrene with steel studs for discrete wall units that can be lined up either as walls, as floors, or even as a roof.

One of the things that makes the WallPanel™ system so unique is the fact that it the expanded polystyrene, or EPS is our primary building block. EPS has traditionally been used as an insulating material in older construction projects, but Terraform Structures has found a way to reinforce it, combine it with steel and take the inherently energy efficient properties of it to become the ENTIRE wall, not just a sheet or layer within it. In effect, by building with the WallPanel™ system every wall in the home is an energy efficient insulator.

Because of this combination of EPS and steel, the WallPanel™ system is not just durable, it is also “immune” to the traditional scourge of most homes, termites, as it doesn’t contain the cellulose that lures termites in to take up residence and start damaging a home. This also makes the material more resistant to molds than traditional materials, and of course, because insulation was the original function of EPS, a home built primarily of this material can use a smaller furnace, retain heat longer, and enjoy significantly lower heating bills in the long run compared to other homes.

Most people thinks walls are just there for privacy and to hold the roof up. But our WallPanel™ system does so much more, not just for the people in the home, but for the bills they pay, and the drain on the environment.